Three Palms Media was founded in 2009, initially based out of Germany, but with rapid...

Three Palms Media was founded in 2009, initially based out of Germany, but with rapid growth and client acquisition, expanded its operations to the international stage, and set up office in Southern California.

The Three Palms team is always growing, and currently boasts experts in varying sectors of online marketing. Since inception, this team has always had one major goal in mind: helping its clients achieve the measurable results they desire. This has led to countless clients enjoying the spoils of dominating Google search rankings for requested keywords, as well as millions of dollars of revenue being generated as a result for the Three Palms ecommerce clients.

At Three Palms, we are always striving to do better. Currently, we engage in live SEO strategy testing across hundreds of websites, giving us the capacity to construct a scientifically proven process and strategy, as opposed to throwing everything at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Our client selection process ensures that we never stretch ourselves thin across too many tasks, so that we can focus on results for everyone that we work with. This means that if we do work together on your website goals and targets, that you’ll always have the full force of our expert team working tirelessly, for you.

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