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Three Palms Media was founded by internet marketing and SEO expert Ingo Haupt with the mission to provide you headturning returns from online marketing. Simple, right?

Of course, maybe it doesn’t sound so simple.

After talking to other marketing strategy companies, you might feel as if online marketing requires some sort of rhythmic chanting under the moonlight or casting Voodoo spells at midnight. But there’s no Black Magic here! Our founding purpose was, and is, to lay it out as clear as day so you get it–and then to do it all for you while you run your business (or lie on the beach!)

Three Palms Media provides a wide range of services that help our clients to drive high quality traffic to their websites. Visit our Services page to learn more about our specialties.

Ingo Haupt is a natural born SEO expert form Germany’s beautiful wine country. Early on he developed a strong passion for marketing and technology. After receiving his MBA from the University of Mainz in Germany, Ingo Haupt moved to Southern California to enter the world of marketing as an online marketing specialist/SEO expert for a local advertising agency.

Coming from the land of no speed limits and with a passion for online marketing, Ingo instantly recognized the Internet as a digital autobahn that can supply any business with truckloads of hungry clients. 3 years as an online marketing manager paved the way for building Three Palms Media, Ingo’s own online marketing steamroller to give his clients an unfair advantage. He believes just as there are no speed limits on the German autobahn there should be no limit for his clients website traffic.


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