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Manage Your Social Media Presence with These 7 Tools

Managing your social media presence is vital if you want to stay relevant to your target audience. It’s a great way to provide followers with updates and it can even increase your sales. The problem is, dealing with multiple social media accounts can be a real challenge, especially if you’re busy worrying about all the other aspects of running a business.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make managing your social media accounts much easier. Save time and eliminate stress with these 7 social media tools.




  1. Buffer

With multiple social media accounts to manage, you could spend all day creating content and posting it at different times on Facebook, Twitter, and more. If you really want to save time, you should manage every single one of your social media accounts with Buffer.

With this application, you’re able to share content on multiple platforms at the best possible times throughout the day, increasing engagement and driving more traffic to your website. You can connect hundreds of social media accounts and give access to multiple employees.




  1. IFTTT

There’s a lot more to managing a social media account than posting content. IFTTT takes things to a whole new level by helping you manage nearly every aspect of your social media accounts and much more.

Sure, you can automatically schedule Tweets every time new content is published on your website, but you can also keep all of your social media images consistent with this application, as well as saving photos in drop box. You can set reminders for your team, sync files in the cloud, and you can even get the app to start the office coffee pot in the morning.




  1. Canva

Great content is extremely important when attracting and keeping the attention of your followers, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. It’s becoming increasingly more important to make sure that you grab your readers’ attention with a high-quality image. Canva can help you do that.

Canva allows you to create detailed images that look unbelievably professional, even if you don’t have any Photoshop experience. Enhance images with quotes, thought bubbles, and stickers. You can even choose from a wide variety of customizable layouts, many of which are free.




  1. Feedly

Creating great content means being exposed to great content. Not only can it help you create new content for your website, it’s always great to provide outstanding outside content that you think would be valuable to your readers. But, scouring the web to find that content is impossible, unless you have all day to do it.

Feedly makes sourcing that content easy. It allows you to find content from a select group of sources, depending on your preferences. You can easily add publications, blogs, and YouTube channels. Feedly can even be combined with other apps so you can save content and share it later.




  1. Nuzzel

Sourcing great content from all over the internet is a great way to keep all of your followers engaged with your business, but there’s a lot of great content being shared by your Facebook and Twitter friends. Find and organize this content more easily with Nuzzel.

This is both an iOS and a web app, making it extremely flexible and easy to use. It is able to aggregate links that are worth your time, including stories that are shared by followers, so you can learn more about your target audience.


brand 24


  1. Brand24

There are nearly endless options for online users when it comes to communicating their feelings about your business. Good or bad, it’s extremely important to be aware of these reviews so you can respond to them quickly.

If you want to know what people are saying about your brand, Brand24 is the application for you. It allows you to quickly and easily see what people are saying about your brand on multiple social media sites. It can even provide you with information about what people are saying about your competition, providing you with an opportunity to share why your products or services are better.


rite tag


  1. RiteTag

Although RiteTag works well with 14 major websites, the app is most useful for Twitter users. It’s definitely worth looking into if you use Twitter on a regular basis to communicate with customers and clients.

RiteTag makes it easy to add images, hashtags, GIFs, and more with a single button. This amazing app can analyze hashtags, providing you with the ones that are most used, which ones are trending, and which ones aren’t very popular. You can even automate sharing with this app.


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