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Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, isn’t so cryptic and mythical as many people would believe it to be. In fact, it’s really quite simple when you break it down.

Firstly, we have onsite SEO, which incorporates the content on your webpages, and how that content can be connected to searches entered into search engines like Google, every day. Then we have offsite SEO, which is any data about your website, but on other websites and webpages.

There are formulas and algorithms used by search engines to trawl through the massive pools of data, to find what is most relevant for any particular search.

At Three Palms, we look at your website and your content, and offer the direct solutions to essentially make Google’s job easier – that is, provide you with the solutions and changes necessary to make your website stand out when a search is entered. This includes things such as keywords and keyword clusters, the overall design of your website, headings and their significance, and of course, your offsite relevance.

But of course, you don’t need to occupy your time with all this jargon. We live and breathe SEO each and every day, so let us take your guesswork out of the equation, and provide you with concrete SEO solutions that can be easily implemented, to make the most massive impact on your search engine rankings.

With SEO, there are no prizes for second place. That’s why we always shoot for first.

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