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Social Media Marketing

The world has gone full circle social. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and more. Whether we like it or not, our world now revolves around these platforms. With a combined 2 billion users on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, if you’re not on social, then you’re simply not going to compete.

At Three Palms, social media marketing is a prime focus of our attention, and we endeavor to bring our clients the highest quality and precisely targeted social media strategies, to not only reach your customers and clients effectively, but also drive costs down by eliminating reach to unwanted audiences.

In comparison to SEO and PPC, the correct approach is just as critical with Social Media Marketing, however a more personal touch is required, to fit the social and more ‘friendly’ environment that is social. It is really more about building relationships rather than directly marketing to potential customers in a traditional ‘cold’ approach.

So it’s going to take more than just setting up a Facebook or Twitter account for your business, and doing random posts can simply be a waste of time and resources. There is a right way and a wrong way, so don’t waste time being uncertain if your approach is working. We use the latest in web analytics to make sure the approach we use works, or we don’t use it anymore. It’s that simple.

Get social and get seen.

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